We regularly take care of clients following a variety of sporting injuries. We are highly experienced in helping ‘put people back together’ and helping them return to the things they love. With all our staff being involved in sports of some kind, we are well placed understanding the frustration that can be caused by an injury and time away from sport. Not only do we help resolve the issue as quickly as possible, but we also advise you on the best way to reduce the risk of recurrences for the future. Our motto is to ‘get better and stay better’ wherever possible!

As part of our service, there may be some instances where we feel a referral on to a consultant may be necessary. We are able to support and guide you through the whole process.

For those of you who may be interested in our massage service, the first thing to mention is that it won’t be like an experience at a spa or beauty salon! We use deep tissue massage techniques (also known as sports massage) to help achieve the most out of your muscles! Often clients refer to their massage session as a ‘pleasure pain experience’ and generally feel lots better afterwards! It’s worth noting though that there may be an underlying cause for recurrent muscle tension and, with your consent, we can explore the why’s and wherefores of this being chartered and highly experienced chartered physiotherapists.

To book your consultation, please visit our online booking system or alternatively get in touch for further details. You’ll be able to speak to a chartered physiotherapist directly who can advise you on the best course of action. Please make sure to view our terms & conditions and policies before booking with us.

For your initial consultation, you’ll need to complete the registration form and bring it with you to your assessment. Please download and print this document here


Just after my 15th Birthday, about a year and a half ago, I tore my ACL in my knee on a school ski trip. I was told I was going to need lots of physio both before and after surgery and we decided I would do this with Plus Health Company. Straight away I felt that I was in safe, able hands and physically helping me to prepare before the surgery made the whole situation seem less daunting whilst keeping me motivated at the same time. After surgery, I was encouraged to start physio straight away and kept my spirits up to keep doing the exercises I needed to help my knee heal. Jen’s instructions were always clear and easy to understand and she adapted each exercise to my needs and situation. She had a very positive attitude which really helped me to see the progress I was making and motivated me to keep going! Plus Health Company was really accommodating to all my needs. For instance, when we went on holiday, I had my exercises adapted so I could do them in a smaller space. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to start doing sports (which I love) again including running, cycling, horse riding and hockey. About 9months after the accident, I was even able to go skiing again, and felt very confident that the physio guidance I’d been given had made my knee stable enough to do this. My knee feels strong again and I am able to do everything I did before.

P.Hofmann, 6th Form Student, Halifax