We offer specialised physiotherapy to people with musculoskeletal issues (such as back pain, upper limb disorders, rehabilitation following surgery), those with neurological disorders (such as multiple sclerosis or after stroke) and for ladies with women’s health issues (such as continence problems or prolapse).

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Womens Health Physiotherapy
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Sports Injuries

Our staff are hugely experienced in their area of expertise so you can be sure to be in good hands. It is important to us here at Plus Health Company that we adopt a holistic approach to your assessment and treatment process, giving consideration to you as a whole person and not just looking at the area that hurts in isolation. Ultimately, this can help you to get better and stay better, with less potential to develop future recurrences.

We are a friendly and professional team, sharing our unique ‘head to toe’ philosophy. We also understand the importance of using evidence-based practice and outcome measures where indicated and are dedicated to giving you our very best service each time you visit.

Physiotherapy Plus has developed primarily through word of mouth recommendation so we take great satisfaction from clients’ passing our number on! We also receive referrals from our NHS colleagues, insurance companies, GP’s and consultants. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplary and we hope that when you visit us, you’ll agree!

To book your consultation, please visit our mindbody online booking system or alternatively get in touch for further details. You’ll be able to speak to a chartered physiotherapist directly who can advise you on the best course of action. Please make sure to view our terms & conditions and policies before booking with us.

For your initial consultation, you’ll need to complete the registration form and bring it with you to your assessment. Please download and print this document here


"For many years I suffered worsening lower back pain and sciatica. Jen worked with me reducing and containing the impact of this on all aspects of my life with hands on physiotherapy, personalised exercises and regular Pilates. Her professional overview and observation put her in a brilliant position to recommend referral to a specialist neuro-surgeon who undertook spinal surgery when it was necessary.

The problem was serious and would not have improved spontaneously. This operation, three and a half years ago transformed my life - I could walk less than a quarter of a mile before the operation and was on daily toxic medication to control nerve pain.

Within three months of the operation I was walking pain free, was on no medication and now walk daily as far as I like. Though surgery is not appropriate for everyone, I don't believe I would have gone for surgery without Jen’s input nor would I be enjoying retirement to the full. 

I never felt Jen prolonged treatment which she knew was ineffective for my condition as some practitioners might do. Her Pilates classes helped greatly and are almost enjoyable now!! I would happily recommend her services and would encourage people to have great confidence in Plus Health Company’s professional services, advice and treatment."

Sheila Barker, Retired GP Practice Manager, Halifax

"Learning that Paula had a ruptured ACL whilst on a school skiing trip was a big shock. as she is young and needed the best possible long term outcome  I wanted to make sure that she got  the optimum treatment from the start. It was reassuring to know that Jen liaised with the knee surgeon as we went along. She made space for us, working her appointments around Paula's requirements. She was extremely competent and managed to keep Paula motivated throughout many months of pre op muscle build up and post op rehabilitation. We always had clear instructions, manageable but positively challenging goals, and there was still room for a bit of fun and lots of humour. I trusted Jen to pick the right level of challenge, and am very very pleased that Paula is back to all her previous activities. Thank you!"

U.Hofmann, Consultant Oncologist